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La Perra Blanco Trio



La Perra Blanco Trio is a band from the south of Andalusia created in 2017 and is led by Alba Blanco (singer and guitarist). Inspired by the music of the 50's, she formed this power trio, with influences from both black music such as rhythm and blues or gospel and white music such as hillbilly, rockabilly, country, bluegrass...

This young 23-year-old girl comes from a family of hugely talented musicians and she has Rock and Roll in her blood! She is virtous on the guitar and has a deep rhythm that is evident in all her concerts, transmitting to the public her happiness and her passion for music.

After releasing her first album at the end of 2019 and the break caused by the pandemic, she has returned through the front door with countless concerts and a new EP that was sold out in a few weeks. In 2022 a new record of the band will be released.

Currently, the line up with which she usually performs is made up of renowned musicians,
such as the double bass player Guillermo González and the drummer Jesús López, two luxury squires, with experience in many projects within the 50's scene.

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Los Killer Tones



Los Killer Tones are a 5 piece rock´n´roll band from Mexico City playing wild and savage rockabilly/rock´n´roll. They are member of the WILD RECORDS label.

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Red Hot Riot Psychobilly Rockabilly



Red Hot Riot are a 4 piece Neo Rockabilly/Psychobilly band from The Forest of Dean, England U.K. The band have played all over the world including a slot in 2022 at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender in the USA and at Glastonbury Festival in England. With a debut album and 3 EP's released, the band are a strong favourites in peoples playlists and are making waves for a new sound within the underground rockabilly and psychobilly scene. Imagine a mixture of The Stray Cats and Green Day, and you won't be a million miles away from Red Hot Riot's sound.

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Cherry Casino and the Gamblers



Die Band spielt klassischen Rock And Roll der 50er Jahre. Cherry Casino and the Gamblers machten ihren ersten Auftritt im August 2002 und haben sich seitdem einen exzellenten Ruf in der Rock and Roll Szene weltweit erspielt. Die Band spielte auf Festivals wie dem RHYTHM RIOT und ROCKABILLY RAVE in England, GREAT SHAKIN´ FEVER in Portugal, GREEN BAY ROCKIN´50´s FEST und VIVA LAS VEGAS in USA, GET RHYTHM FESTIVAL und SUMMER JAMBOREE in Italien, ROCKABILLY BOMBARDEMENT in Österreich, um einige zu nennen.

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Tom White & the Mad Circus



With an overwhelming stage presence, this band is ready to stun the audience. The well-arranged wind section, the clashing slap bass and the incredibly hot harmonica solos will sweep everyone off their feet and won't let the dancefloor remain empty for granted. On their craziest concerts while the bass player shreds on his flaming instrument, the guitarist amuses the audience with some insane somersaults. This is really a mad circus!

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Dynamite Dudes


The thoroughly rotten Mitch Farty's new band, where they are going to blow the places up with the usual energy. His loyal soldiers will be supporting him: the pimp Teddy Harpo (Balázs Medve), who already saw everything, the Tin Soldier (Gábor Tamaskó) who always breaks the strings of his guitar. The band plays dirty rock and roll. The pumping of the double bass instantly makes everyone move, and the sound of the harp steals goosebumps under the girl's skirts. In this crazy world of ours, the crossing of genres is very common, this band mixes rockabilly with goddamned hippie shit, and all kinds of old and new tunes.

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The Round up Boys



The Round up Boys were put together in 1996 and hail from Berlin/Germany. First record release in 1999, EP " Something For Everyone" (Favourite Records). Over the years the boys have developed a unique style and sound. They play classic 1950s Music with forceful beats, a raging stage show and are Germany's best known interpretation of a 1957 High School band. Their sound is the music of the hipsters and teen – agers, it's music about "going steady" and "making love", it's the big beat of the era! Berlin's hottest Rockabilly outfit has played countless club- and open air appearances in almost every country in Europe and has put out several albums and 45s on different labels such as "Favourite Records", "Migraine Records" and "Rhythm Bomb Records".

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Martin Burböck



Mit einer Gitarre und seiner Stimme gestaltet Martin Burböck eine musikalische Zeitreise durch sämtliche Genresaus Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk und Jazz, von den frühen 70er Jahren bis hin zu den aktuellen Charts der Neuzeit. So gibt er altbekannten Songs durch eigeneInterpretationen und verspielten Arrangements seinen ganz eigenenunverkennbaren Charakter. Im Repertoire zu finden sind zum Beispiel bekannte Rock-Pop Hits vonU2, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, LennyKravitz, Prince…., genauso wie jazzig Funkigesz.B. von Stevie Wonder, Wild Cherry, SRV…und vieles mehr.

Durch die bunte, abwechslungsreiche Zusammensetzung des Programms sollte der Hörgenuss garantiert sein!

DJ Wild Evel & Djane Mrs. Lovett



Be prepared to get your mind blown away with some stormin Rhtyhm and Blues, desperate Rock N Roll, primitive 60's Garage Trash, rumbelin Surf, sweet Soul, stompin Beat, hot Rocka- & Psychobilly music… right out of the mighty vinyl collection of Djane Mrs. Lovett & Dj Wild Evel




Info coming soon!

DJ Bronco



started DJing at the tender age of 16 and has been doing it ever since. Been spinning records all over the place (Croatia, Germany, Austria,

Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia...) and also does the "Bamalama radio show" based in Zagreb, Croatia. Greasy rockin' vinyl grooves will get you ass shakin' and your feet movin'! Git on the floor!

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DJ Martin13


Born in 1977, a year that Elvis died and punk exploded. He devoted his life to music at early age and started manicly buying rock 'n' roll records. Martin 13 started dee jaying in one of Ljubljana's famous venue in Metelkova City at club Gromka. Specialized in rockabilly, swing and rock'n'roll. He started swing dance craze in Ljubljana, Slovenia and dee jayed at more than 500 record hops till now. Every Saturday night his friends and him spin records at slovenia's biggest rock club Orto Bar. Martin 13's life is Rock'n'Roll! Favourite bands: Stray Cats, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Royal Crown Revue, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Johnny Cash, The Go Getters, The Space Cadets, Johnny Burnette & His Rock n Roll Trio, Chet Baker, Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps, Imelda May, Ray Collins Hot Club,...


* The Rhythm Shakers * Pat Capocci * The Polecats * The Royal Flush * B and the Bops * The Delta Bombers * The Lucky Cupids * The Cat Paws * Gone Hepsville * Rhythm Torpedoes * Eightbomb * Mystery Gang * Chilli & The Baracudas * Mike Sanchez * Sonny and his wild cows * Dynamite Dudes * The Star Time Playboys * Edwardian Devils * Jake (Allen) and The LawlessMen * Don Karlos and the Preachers * Twisted Rod * The Lonesome Drifters * Jack Rabbit Slim * The Dead Beatz * The Bricats * Wheels Fargo and the Nightingale * Jake Calypso and his Red Hot * Fia Sco & the Majestics * Bebo & The Goodtime Boys * Jörg Danielsen & Vienna Blues Association * The Modern Day Sinners * Wild Boogie Combo * The Juke Joint Royals * The Booze Bombs * Jackson Jailbreakers * The Computers * Buzz and the Rhythm Hunters * Beggars Street Inn * The Slapbacks * Bitch Boys * Poisonivies and the Steady * Jackson Twins * The Wyattchristmas Five * Lucilles Voodoo * Marvelous Martin & the Alley Kings * The Night Stompers * The Naked Truckers * The Hillside Wranglers * Rebel Rousers * OldSchoolBasterds * Danny And The Bad Rats * DJ FordmanJack * DJ Harvey Miller * DJ Martin13 * DJ Greaseman * DJ Stompin Wolfman * DJ Gogo * DJ KingD * DJ Mad Delinquent * DJ Bronco * DJ Niklas * DJ JT Slinger * DJ Silver Haired Daddy * DJ Biff * uvm.


Donnerstag, 14.07.2022
Saloon (Restaurant)

20.00h / DJ Preparty mit Wild Evel & Mrs. Lovett

Freitag, 15.07.2022

14.00h / Open doors
19.00h / DJANE Mrs. Lovett
20.30h / The Round up Boys (D)
21.45h / Cherry Casino and the Gamblers (D)
23.00h / Los Killer Tones (MEX)
24.00h / Aftershowparty DJ Bronco

Freitag, 15.07.2022
Saloon (Restaurant)

01.00h / DJ Martin13



Samstag, 16.07.2022

10.00h / Open doors
15.00h / Martin Burböck (AT)
16.00h / TANZWORKSHOP (by "Lothar & Heidi")
17.00h / Martin Burböck
18.15h / DJ Martin13
19.00h / PINUP CONTEST (by Miss Lisa Marie)
19.30h / Tom White & the Mad Circus (HU)
20.45h / La Perra Blanco (ESP)
22.00h / Red Hot Riot (UK)
23.15h / Aftershowparty DJ Nomad

Samstag, 16.07.2022
Saloon (Restaurant)

13.00h / Dynamite Dudes
01.00h / DJ Martin13



DJ Nomad * DJ Bronco * DJ Martin13 * DJ Wild Evel * DJANE Mrs. Lovett

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